Tuesday, June 17, 2008

internship- highs and lows

its officially been 3 weeks (and 2 days) at work and i feel like i have never known a life except this. in this time, i have been praised to the fullest and treated like the next literary jewel after say Shakespeare. i have been bogged down with work, rushing to meet deadlines. i have been taken to itc maurya sheraton for a meeting (undoubtedly one of the most surreal moments of my life) i have been equally vella, totally jobless and god bless yahoomail, its the only thing that works in my 'dabba' of a pc (i swear, after so many years of being spoiled by updated computers, this one seems like a relic of the bygone era). currently i am on my jobless mode; half my office has gone out of town on a project and the half which is here is absolutely out of work. i hate being jobless; i mean sure its fun emailing my mother and my equally jobless step twin, and its good timepass to read random blogs and filmi gossip...BUT...it does reach a saturation point. im sure i have reached that. i hope i can get started on my project tomorrow; at least make some sense of it. i cannot tolerate 3 jobless days in a row.

a bit about my office; a quaint and warm little place, tucked in the middle of rajouri garden, it's a world of its own. with the majority of people being psychologists (and the others behaving just the same), you can very well imagine that the place is brimming with insanity. works for me, because 6 years of psychology has made me feel at home amidst such madness. the people are interesting; intelligent, smart, underrated, warm and friendly, with a tremendously ADULT sense of humour, and strange habits (a penchant for supari being one of the prominent ones)...lol. there are a few things which i find unnerving and scary...and just NOT right about the place, but i wont go into that here. as an intern, i am a part of the organization, yet not really. so im a participant observer. whatever it is, im sure when i leave this place next year (assuming i last that long) it will be with a truckload of learning, about work...AND about life.

work here is interesting. its the kind of work you think you would end up doing once you have studied psychology. so not really disappointing in that respect. maybe because im in a small organization, which by the way, i like. i like the small-ness of the place, the homeliness, the fact that we know everyone in the office, the group lunches. but the concept of work itself is disillusioning. i do not like the private sector, something i realized on my 3rd day of work. i dont like the idea of putting in my efforts, so that some random already multibillionnaire can make more money. recently, when i was in bahrain, i went to my dad's office for work and while i was waiting for something, my dad showed me things he had done in bahrain in the past 3 years; including increasing the salary of labourers by 15 dinars (1500 rupees) per month, arranging the return of people who were otherwise unable to go back to india due to heavy fines imposed by the local authorities, and much more. there was so much pride in what he had done, and as his daughter, i felt so proud. will i ever feel that kind of pride for myself? i really hope i can. which is why, i will probably need to rethink career decisions, for the millionth time in my 21 year old existence; im sure even when im 60 years old, i will be thinking of what to do next...lol...

p.s.: this post contained some not so nice details about my office...but after a remark by creyzeee, it was decided to remove those portions. god bless u creyzeee!


creyzeee said...

ahh! nice :) 'participant observer' it is!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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Prashant Sree said...

hi here,

Must appreciate your enthu level, (assuming you dont like being jobless).
Iam curious to know what kinda work psychologist do in internship ?

happy blogging !!

Scribblers Inc said...

my office is also like this!!!

Scribblers Inc.

Scribblers Inc said...

internship done?