Wednesday, October 15, 2008


6 months left of this. 6 months of living out of suitcases, of living in hostel, of studying in DU, of going to relatives' for weekends. 6 months of skyping/gmailing/offlining with mom. 6 more months of student life. This is starting to sound like SRK's 'sattar minute' dialogue from chak de india. But these 6 months are crucial. i need to remain sane, and get the hell outta it safe and sound. i need to give 5 papers, submit one dissertation and one field report. none of it seems the least bit inviting. till now, its been sheer denial. i have procrastinated beyond belief. but these coming 6 months, cannot be about procrastination. they have to be about work, work work work work.

the end of these 6 months looks very inviting. if things go according to plan. if i get to do the things im planning on doing. it will be my 'time off'; possibly the first time such a phenomena will take place in my life.

the distant future looks tremendously amazing. but the present....ooooohhhhh boy!


creyzeee said...

nabbe minute???? tumse ye ummeed na thi!!! sirf SATTAR minute hain tumhare paas!! :P
now i'll read d rest of ur post ;)

Runjoo said...

i cannot believe i did that!!!
i've changed it now :)