Monday, February 23, 2009

M-u-s-i-c...and me :)

it's not like i dont like english music. over the years, putting in much effort, i have grown to like many english songs. i like the occasional "hotel california". i can develop a taste for "carnival of rust". i can fall in love with a "what if". i can be inspired by "i hope you dance". i can groove with the beats of "superstar" (after a million hearings, courtesy my roommate). i can be mesmerized by "when you say nothing at all". i can like the occasional jack johnson, and goo goo dolls (thanx to the twin's influence).

but at heart, i am so totally, unconditionally "bollywood".

i relate so much better to bollywood music. with bollywood, i dont need lyrics or multiple hearings to make sense of the song at one go. its more 'me'. i need the item numbers to pep me up when on a walk or during a journey. i need the old songs of kishore and rafi when im in a melancholic/contemplative mood. i feel like listening to lata's "satyam shivam sundaram","yeh galiyaan", "ek raadha ek meera", "aapki nazaron ne samjha" or any other old song of hers, when i feel like listening to pure unadulterated music. on one of the worst days of my life, i listened to "tu jo nahin" from woh lamhe, continuously for hours altogether. i turn to bollywood when im in a bad mood, when im in a good mood, when im blank, when im working, when im euphoric, and when im tragedy struck.

with movies its still different. i love movies in all the languages which i understand (although i am still tilted or rather leaning, towards bollywood). but with music, all my loyalties are always towards bollywood. always.

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