Tuesday, March 17, 2009

of a trip to, and from, north campus

while coming back from north campus today, i was sitting in the metro and observing people around me (something which i often do when i have no music or reading material or when neither interests me very much) there was a young woman who got on around 5 minutes after i did, with her little baby daughter. the woman couldnt have been more than 25. she sat down with her daughter and tried to make her comfortable, and i got busy staring into space again. around 10 minutes later, a big group of school students got on, and stood right next to me. they were chit chatting at a very loud pitch about their just concluded board exam and found many reasons to giggle and make fun of each other. i found it quite amusing and as i looked away from them, i caught the young mother looking at them, with a strange expression- a mixture of sadness, envy, wishfulness. i observed her for quite some time, and she smiled so many times during that ride, whilst observing these young school girls. i really wondered what was going on in her mind- did she want to be like that again, carefree and worrying not about her house or her baby, but just about her upcoming exam? did she remember her school days, of times when she wore her uniform shirt, and had disheveled hair, and laughed with her friends about silly things? its rare for me to feel like that for a stranger woman in a span of a few minutes, but for some unknown reason, i truly felt for that girl. strange.

on another note, it was amazing to go back to college today. going back to college reaffirms my faith in DU, in hope for the system. the profs havent changed a bit in their affection, they came running out of class to meet us, to ask us how we were and to offer words of encouragement, as always. there's a lot of weird memories associated with college, things i would much rather forget...but i am glad that some things never change.

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