Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kismat Connection

They call it "Lady Luck".

I couldn't agree more. Luck has to be a woman. It is erratic, weird, moody, temperamental, spontaneous, surprising and unexpected in a way, which the male species can never ever comprehend, let alone be.

My faith in luck and its twin, destiny, has always been pretty solid. Even at a young age, bogged down by life in general, I knew instinctively, that there has to be a greater plan for my life; a plan which went beyond the minute and seemingly irrelevant details of daily life. As time went on, and I grew up (dont i sound old?) lady luck's ways began to amaze me. There have been people, whose presence I couldn't comprehend at that time, or perhaps never even paid attention to, who have shaped my life in ways which I never thought was possible. Split second decisions which have at times turned out to be the best, and at times the worst, decisions of my life- ultimately shaping the person I am today.
Not to discount the power of human agency- one can overcome many an adversity by sheer willpower, and motivation. But thats just it- what decides where that willpower should be put to use? what decides when hard work will yield the results it is supposed to?
Our choices determine to a large extent who we are, what we become, and how we deal with the world- but what determines which choices works for us, and which doesnt? All this is way too complex to just leave to the word "co-incidence".

Why this sudden discourse on the relevance of luck and destiny? Well, I have recently been an e-witness to one of the best love stories which one can possibly hear, one which has got everything which a rom-com/chick flick aims to have- there's a childhood element, facebook and gtalk (my absolute favourites!), and love which is going to culminate in marriage soon. But most importantly, this love story, is rooted so deeply in destiny, that one cant help but say "its was meant to be!" Love stories are awesome to hear, especially real life ones, but ones like this make you believe, reaffirm your faith in humanity and the powers to be, and everything nice and happy.

Any more justifications on why luck has to be a woman?

***I would like to dedicate this post to all those lovely people who have been pestering me to blog. Please comment so that i know you have read it! And also a special mention to the hero and the heroine of the love story- i have no idea whether you guys will read it (i will try to bully you into it though!)- you guys have made a cynic believe, and i love you for that!***


swati said...

I somehow feel that destiny is more important

"Luck" is a mere process by which we achieve our destiny. We just term all the good or bad events occurring in our lives using "luck"......But on the whole what is actually happenin is that these events r just takin us closer to our destiny :)

N of course, as always ur article is very nice!

demystifying me said...

Every time I am down and out you either directly or indirectly take me out of it.I am very proud of the fact that you are an integral part of my life.God bless you.

Runjoo said...

@ swati- i hadnt really thought about the difference between the two, i like your analysis of the difference :)

@ demystifying- :) you're the coolest!

Nima said... are back, you are back and I am dancing celebrating it.
I love how you write and I completely agree that luck is def a woman. She has to be with all her naatak ;)
Wish the two people all the very best for a fabulous life and tell them that I shall tell my kids their story.
Don't worry honey, love shall find its way to you as well and soon.

Runjoo said...

thanks for all the encouragement love :P

TheFellowNomad said...

FINALLY got this google thing to work...ah, my first ever comment!!...damn exciting, this is!

"But thats just it- what decides where that willpower should be put to use? what decides when hard work will yield the results it is supposed to?"

Those are loaded questions...also, there are aspects of our lives where we clearly dont have the freedom to choose (like, what class/race/sexuality/family etc. we are born as or into….choices are never made in a vacuum…our experiences within these identities def. have a profound impact on the decisions we eventually end up taking) what dictates this?....the questions you posed in the blog post (not to mention that uber cute love story!) make me pause, think and question my own skepticism :)

P.S. you are totally fab :)

Runjoo said...

@thefellownomad- you are one of the most insightful people i have ever come your feedback, as always :)

creyzeee said...

finally u blogged!!!!!!

creyzeee said...

"...the male species can never ever comprehend, let alone be."
i love ur choice of things 2 write about :) i'm a firm believer in destiny too. callin it coincidence would make it so boring ;)

Anil P said...

Luck can be a powerful driver, and belief in luck even more so.