Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Final Countdown

A week from today, my hands and feet will be full of mehendi. A week from today, will be my last day at home, as just me. Because the next time I come home, I'll be someone's wife, someone's daughter-law, someone's sister-in-law.

I am getting married in NINE days. The wedding officially begins in EIGHT days.


I havent blogged much this entire year. Partly because for practically half of the year, I was blogging for CSR (the most amazing job experience like ever). So there really was nothing to write about. Or rather, no energy left. I could have blogged about wedding shopping or any of the wedding preps, but seriously, who really wants to know all that? I didn't blog about the engagement- the most 'out of body experience' of my life- because it was so difficult to really verbalize and convey what that entire event was. I haven't even blogged about the way the fiance (soon to be 'husband') and I met- now that is a story worth a book and a movie. Maybe a sitcom too. I think I'll save that post for our first anniversary. Or tenth. Whatever.

But I had to write one final post. Not that I am dying or anything. It's just one of those stupid sentimental things. One final post as a single girl. One final post as a girl devoid of responsibilities and duties and roles. One final post as a kid.

On another euphoric and manic note, I am extremely excited about the wedding. Extremely looking forward to having most of my favourite people in the world under one roof, to celebrate the biggest event of my life. I can't wait for it, and I can't wait to write about it. People say they don't remember their wedding day, that it's all a big blur. Not me. I remember each and every moment of my engagement, and was unabashedly a pretty 'over enthusiastic' bride-to-be. I plan to do much the same at the wedding- the remembering part, not the over enthusiastic part. The mother has told me to be demure at the wedding- let's see how that works out.

So there. That was my lastest post as me. The next time, I'll write about the wedding. As Mrs. Runjoo. Whattey fun :D


a traveller said...

Eeeeeee. So excited for you. And I still have to hear this story before it turns into a sitcom.

srujana said...

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creyzeee said...

omg...i never read this!! so cute u r! the wedding was sooperfun! :D and u did ur bit as the demure bride quite well :D :D

so in retrospect...was it a blur??