Tuesday, December 23, 2008

inflation? or just bad luck?


so apparently, you cannot dream of buying a decent, little fancy, suit piece for less than 2500 bucks these days in this city. and i used to think 2500 rupees is a hell of a lot of money.

but no.

if you go into a shop, whether in rohini, rani bagh, lajpat nagar, south ex (even NALLI), and say "budget is 2500, i want a moderately fancy suit material" the shop keepers look at you like you're from a different planet. my family members consider me very picky when it comes to choosing clothes. i dont think i am all that finicky. all i want is clothes with no paraphernalia attached to it, no feathers, no unnecessary oversized sequins, and no garish colours. is that too much to ask for? i think not. but apparently, such simple, yet elegant suits are now priced above 2500 bucks. the nalli guy tells me slyly "mam you cant get the kind of suit you want within 2500" and this is NALLI we're talking about.

i fail to understand what the problem is. is it within me? am i incapable of picking out clothes and taking decisions? are people around me lying when they say "i dont like anything here"; maybe they do like something and are just scared of me to try and convince me to buy something? is delhi just too overpriced? or is my budget too low? mind you, my initial plan was to spend max 2000 bucks. what a joke.

so like i was wondering; is it inflation, or just my sheer bad luck?


creyzeee said...

aww...don't worry...i'm sure u'll find The suit soon :) but yea, these things won't come at the aforementioned budget in places like south ex! maybe u shud look elsewhere?
n no, d problem is not "within" u..hehe
cheer up now!

Runjoo said...

ya but it should come in lajpat no...and rani bagh (near rohini) is supposed to be a nice market for normal people. wahan par bhi nahin mila :(

i have lost hope now. i think ill wear something old only.