Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: the year that was

like most years, this year has had its share of highs and lows. overall, i think it was a decent year. not as melodramatic as last year, but not event-less (just invented the word).

january: i ended 07 and began 08 with a week long trip to rajasthan with a myriad of cousins, aunts, uncle and nephew, and my mom too. on december 31st 07/jan 1st 08, we happened to be in udaipur. a company which i had applied for internship offered me a full time job (and this company happened to be the best employer in 06 or 07) which i sadly had to reject. but it was a major self esteem boost nevertheless! the last week of january, i attended the training sessions for tele counselling at snehi; easily one of the bestest experiences of my life.

february: mostly taken up by snehi (super hectic, super crazy, emotionally veryyy draining, but totally worth it). there was also hostel night (where i won first prize for solo dance...thank you thank you) and my birthday- the first without any family member; but my friends were AWESOME to say the least.

march: PRACTICALS!!! the whole month was about finishing those idiotic practicals and submitting them. and the fear of the impending exams. oh and i also got through abacus for summer training- didn't know it then, but it was going to be a major life changing experience.

april: easily the worst month of the year. the worst exams i have EVER given in my life. each day was like living hell. but we got through it all (and with flying colours, but that's later).

may: exams OVER! went to bahrain!!! had an awesome 3 weeks, with cousins also coming over for the first week. started work at abacus.

june: ABACUS! 6 day weeks, getting accustomed to a real office, with work and responsibilities being given to you. utter madness; learnt to value all working women, especially my mom and my aunts who work, and manage their home with such grace and ease.

july: RESULTS came out! we all passed the most horrendous exams with marks which surpassed all our wildest dreams! then there was my first official trip! to jaipur with the abacus team. immensely exhausting, but an incredible experience.

august: EUROPE!!! amazing family reunion and sightseeing in poland and germany. totally totally rocked.

september: left abacus. and at the end of the month, left for bahrain (for the last time).

october: i was supposed to come back to delhi on the 19th, but by a fluke, my stay got postponed till the end of october. so the entire month was spent with the family. the best month of the year!

november: nothing much happened in november i guess, except pseudo-dissertation work and tons of presentations. but november ended with THE attack on mumbai; an event which cannot be forgotten easily.

december: started with another mini family reunion, got to see my second nephew (!). a marriage in the family was fixed- so the year promises to hold tons of excitement for that. i have never celebrated the new year without any family member; this year im bringing in the new year with a very dear friend, who i fondly refer to as my evil step twin.

many other events happened:
  1. shifting rooms in the hostel- hey it was big deal leaving my beloved room 103.
  2. my old roommate moving out (who i continue to miss).
  3. my new roommate(s)- so technically i have one roommate, but in reality, there are four of us in that room; the three people who i share the rambo room (long lame story) with, are people who i havent known long, but they are people who are now a very special part of my life.
  4. i decided what i wanted to do with my life! well its a tentative plan and there's a greatttt chance of it NOT working out, but hey- i decided something, that's big.
now that i look back at this year-end review, the year seems to have been a good year after all. as always, relationships have changed; some have strengthened, others have faded away. many memories have been formed- mostly good ones!

last year i had wished a peaceful and event-less year; 2009, i know, will be quite eventful- there's my brother's engagement in january (another family reunion), there's the dissertation to finish, there's MASTERS to finish- for the first time in my life, i dont know where im going to go in july; all the years in the past, its been school, college, then M.A., there's nowhere to go in 2009 (scary thought?!). my family's moving back in april and after three and a half years, ill finally be home. then there's the wedding in august, which is BIG.

there's much to look forward to in 2009 and i wish a veryyyyy HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 EVERYONE!!! hope this year brings joy and happiness to everyone :)


a traveller... said...

Well shoot I planned to write something similar later today. SO if I do now, it's because I already thought of it, and NOT because I got inspired by your entry. Just clarifying.

Have a lovely 2009! :)

creyzeee said...

wow...i cud've never managed a recap of an entire year like that! pretty cool eh! :)
happy new year...may the madness continue!