Wednesday, January 7, 2009


that's How I Met Your Mother. my latest obsession (courtesy the twin).

im a die hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S loyalist. much of my wisdom, humour, anecdotes, basically MUCH of what I say can be traced back to friends. i think ive seen all the episodes, and some I know like the back of my hand. i may not be able to watch all the episodes again (or maybe i can); but i LOVE the concept of friends till date. its the awesomest show EVER.

I liked HIMYM from the first episode. But I thought it had a serious Friends hangover. The same central place of hanging out (in this its a pub), five friends, the right cocktail of madness and seriousness...a lot of similarities. But then again, everything in the world can be related to Friends.

howEVER, HIMYM is HIMYM. ross rachel phoebe monica chandler joey can NEVER be replaced...but i have grown to love marshall/lily's love story, ted's quest to find the perfect girl (he's such a perfect guy), robin's weird job of a news anchor for a segment which NO one watches and of course barney...aah barney; with his suits, his lingo (awesome-ness and legendary are barney words from now on) and his crazy wacky ideas. they are awesome people, and their lives are super fun to watch.

I officially louveeee HIMYM :)


creyzeee said...

is it? i've never seen it...n i was wondering wat ur fb status

Runjoo said...

omg HAVE to see it.
i have some of season 1 epis...ill give it to you next week. thus fulfilling me duty of being your favourite source of entertainment

Ankita said...

i would have preferred an entire post but the mere mention is also fine (beggars can't be choosers!):P
i just saw two episodes from season two. they're so good!
god, i'm so bored. i'm writing the same thing here that i wrote on fb and i mailed you! thrice!

Runjoo said...

ohk twinnie ;)

btw i wrote this post BEFORE the fb status message

creyzeee said...

"kitni bhali ho tum"! hehe