Saturday, January 17, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...revisited

so i wanted to update my blog. but couldnt think of what to write about. dissertation has been whined and cribbed about, the love for HIMYM has been discussed; i live a boring life so nothing exciting really happens...well nothing worth a blog post really, no current event has really affected/bugged/touched me. i dont want to write about the movies i have seen or the books i have read...not for now at least. and i didn't want to write about a stone (as I had once advised a friend who was just as clueless as to what to write about)

so decided to tweak an old post of mine, from my old blog. It was inspired by one of my favourite songs "these are a few of my favourite things..." from one of my favourite movies since childhood (even before DDLJ happened)- THE SOUND OF MUSIC- the best musical ever! On re-reading the post, I realized that some things were obsolete (like DU strikes/U-specials) and some needed to be added (like South Campus!).
So here it is, the revised edition of some of my favourite things in the world, things which make me smile/laugh/happy.

curling up in a bed and reading a novel. DDLJ. practically anything with sugar in it. watching a movie first day first show. family reunions. new years. birthdays. playing cards till the wee hours of the morning with family. waiting at the airport or station to recieve someone. when india wins against pakistan. weddings. good hair days. chatting with old friends online. seeing the indian flag. hugging. my nephews. singing off key. travelling.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. my friends. staying up all night and talking. south campus. BONDING TIME. manhattan at night. laughing so hard my tummy hurts. piping hot pizza. the smell of rain. shopping for hours and then finding the perfect outfit. internet.getting a sweet sms from a loved one. 'flying on a jet plane'. shah rukh khan. MOVIES. writing. my parents. my family. compliments. romantic stories. waking up to a beautiful morning. gossip. the smell of rain. standing up for the national anthem and singing it at the top of my lungs. coffee. getting emails. old photographs. sitting in the winter sun. hot tea in the afternoons. HARRY POTTER. little kids. wearing new clothes. diwali. doing 108 at the temple. praying and getting what i want. surprises. the delhi skyline from the skies. paneer. canadian fall. the first snow of the winter. passionately about something. talking for hours on the phone. re-reading my favourite parts from my favourite books. hearing a favourite song being played on the radio. waking up from a nice long nap. reliving old memories.

this was FUN...i think ill do it again sometime :)


creyzeee said...

it was fun to read too! n definitely better than 'writing about a stone!' hehe

Nima said...

Hey..Ranjoo gawd..not only do we share our sense of wisdom but also our fav things :P :P
A great idea for a new post, do i love u or what??!